Useful Links

Websites and blogs that we would recommend:
Catholic Mass Times, Reading - Times of Traditional Latin Masses in Reading, supplied by the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter.

Catholic Mass Times UK, see also for pilgrimages, events and resources - The Latin Mass Society - The Latin Mass Society collects and publishes the places and times of Traditional Latin Masses around the country. Their website is the central hub for Traditionalism in England and Wales.

Catholic Education Resources - Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice - Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice is an organisation that works for traditional Catholic catechism, they have one of the best online libraries on Traditional Catholic Catechism.

Catholic youth - Juventutem UK - Juventutem UK, this website is the umbrella site for Juventutem in the United Kingdom and represents all the local groups. Great for introducing young people to Tradition.

Catholic Social Group in London - Juventutem London - If you are based in London, you can meet up with other young Catholics here.

Catholic Social Group in Oxford - Juventutem Oxford - If you are based in Oxford, you can meet up with other young Catholics here.

Catholic Social Group in Cheltenham - Young Catholic Adults - The first Juventutem affiliate in the United Kingdom, and hosts the highest profile youth event for Juventutem in the UK, the annual youth retreat at Douai Abbey.

Catholic Blog and News - Rorate Caeli - Probably the principle news website for Traditional Catholics.

Catholic Blog, News and Views - LMS Chairman - The LMS Chairman is Dr Shaw, professor of Philosophy at Oxford. His writings and opinions are particularly esteemed for their solid basis in logic and rhetoric.

Fr. Z's Blog - One of the favourite popular Catholic blogs.

The hermeneutic of continuity - Fr Finnegans blog - One of the principle leading Catholic blogs in the UK.

Catholic views and thoughts - Catholic Scout - An interesting blog that focusses on virtue, catechetics, and various issues. Known for good logic and rhetoric. A good read.

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