Privacy Statement

We have a policy of safeguarding peoples identity.

1. We commit never to publish peoples names, photographs, or personal details of our members, without expressed permission.

2. With regards to photographs or media, if they include members of our group, will endeavour to collect the  permission of the person(s) aforementioned, prior to posting them.

3. In the case that a Juventutem Reading event takes place at a private address, the location will not be published and the details of the event will only be distributed to those that the private owner specifies.

4. We never share contact information with any other enterprise.

This is our commitment and we ask for your assistance in maintaining it. If at any time you believe someones anonymity or personal details are being placed into the public domain on this blog without permission please use our contact details found on the contact us page.

Many thanks.

Juventutem Reading