Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Young adults pilgrimage - Chartres 2013

The quintessential Catholic pilgrimage for young people

Thank you for the welcome back, it's a great relief to be back based in Reading, now on to business...

If you are a Catholic and you have not been on the Chartres pilgrimage, this is the year to do it. Don't wait around for 'next year...' as the old adage goes 'don't put off for tomorrow what can be done today', now is the acceptable time.
Thanks to Jon Aron for the photo

Now is the acceptable time in particular for those aged 16-35, as the Latin Mass Society (probably the largest benefactor of Juventutem) is offering 15 bursaries for young people to attend the Chartres Pilgrimage this year. The usual cost to join is £250, the LMS is offering a £100 bursary for the first fifteen people to sign up. If you want to take advantage of this deal head over to the LMS website and sign up!

I mention this, because last year we had a great little Juventutem Reading group attending the pilgrimage and it made the experience even more special, at least for me. If you have been on the Chartres pilgrimage, maybe even if you were there with us last year, leave a comment let us know what you thought of the pilgrimage.

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