Wednesday, 3 August 2011

World Youth Day group

Catholics around the world are getting ready for us!
We're getting down to the final few days before the international Juventutem retreat in Bilbao, and then on to World Youth Day (or as someone aptly pointed out Week).
As the main contributor to this blog, I will be going, I hope to find an Internet connection and update the site while I'm out there, but if you don't hear anything for two weeks, that will be why.
There are about 11 or 12 people from the UK going including 4 from Reading which is great! I'm sort of ready, just need to wash some clothes and do some ironing! Aside from that I am really looking forwards to the event.
Someone pointed out to me that I was going there for a purpose; for others. Believe it or not I had been mostly thinking about what I was going to be getting out of it, the thought that God was bringing me to this event for a specific reason for someone else was quite, well, awakening. It's a beautiful way to think about it.
As for any events in Reading while we are gone, there are still some pro-active members remaining in Reading who are eager to get something organised, so please do get in touch with us (our email is the name of the blog, all one word

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