Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Annual National Retreat for young Catholic adults

The annual national retreat for young Catholic adults is coming up next weekend.

It is an event any self-respecting Catholic shouldn't dream of missing. It's a great place to meet young Catholics from all over the country, with time for quiet prayer, Mass as we love it and guidance from the UK's best retreat guide Fr de Malleray FSSP (well at least in my humble opinion!). On top of that there's great socials in the evening too.

There will be a contingent of those who went to World Youth Day attending too, so there will be plenty of tales to be told too.

If you have not signed up yet, head on straight away to the YCA website for booking the annual national retreat for Catholic youth and get in contact to sign up.

The national retreat for young Catholics at Douay has a special place in my story, it was a place that I genuinely laughed my heart out, I had some classic moments in the kitchen, it was a place where I met friends who have walked with me ever since, good friends, it was a place where I was genuinely touched and inspired by preaching that I have never heard in any parish Church or Cathedral for that matter, and where I felt really welcome. It will remain with me. Go, see for yourself!

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