Sunday, 17 July 2011

News and apologies

Catholic Youth Group Reading Juventutem has been a little quiet on the blog of late, though we have had some informal meetings, it has been quiet, and I certainly need to give my apologies on that point.

The last few events for us have included departures and welcomings we said goodbye to Bernadette and Marie-Stella who return to their respective homelands and we have welcomed the "Basingstoke crew" who have brought our numbers up again.

One of the main organisers has now finally settled into his new place so we'll be looking forwards to his imput into getting events organised and the site being updated a bit more often.

Juventutem now have a volleyball set and we'll be looking forwards to setting a date for a games day (when the weather is nice!), and there is much call for a film or games night, so if you have any further ideas or would like to know how you can help out please get in contact with us by email, [name of the blog] .

God bless.

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