Monday, 25 July 2011

Catholic social group report

  Our Catholic social group met up Thursday night for a wonderful evening. The delights of Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in all it's traditional glory, was like a fresh mountain breeze blowing through the high-alpine meadows bedecked in their spring-time splendour. A breath of fresh air indeed!

  Afterwards we retired to St John Fisher, where we were cordially greeted by our beloved pastor (and door keeper) Father de Malleray. The kitchen was briefly overrun, before the tide was turned and everyone was promptly evicted to allow the cooks to continue preparations.

  The social group had a quick tour of the Chapel by Father, before being called to table, and what a gathering we were! One Priest, one Brazilian, one Basingstokian (recently defected from Reading), and seven Reading faithful (and not-so-faithful), one of our separated brethren, oh and yours truly.

  Grace was said, and the cook promptly informed everyone of the order of play, starters: stuffed chillis, main course: burritos with a choice of home made salsa, mild or only mildly insanely hot. Desert was perhaps the most spectacular with homemade cheesecake, a selection of quickly demolished cheeses and a berry crumble (and guess who left the cream in their fridge at home).

  All were catered for, and all were satisfied, so much so that some desert remained! The evening was such a mix of dialogue, delight and fellowship it was very special to see our budding Catholic social group together in all it's joviality.

  We look forwards to the next event! The weekend is looking particularly fine weather so I will look to organise a picnic and volleyball among other games in Palmer Park for Sunday after Mass, it will also be one of the last opportunities to get together before a lot of us bundle off to Bilbao for the International Juventutem retreat and then go on to World Youth Day, to really show them what for! So please join us if you can.

God bless.

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