Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Upcoming Event for young Catholics

   The next thing on our calendar it the lamented loss of one of our very important members Bernadette who will be returning to Austria soon, so we will be having a little good-bye meal after this coming Sunday Mass (5th June Mass at 11am St William of York). Please email us directly for more information.

   Secondly, our apologies for a "quiet" May, a lot of us have been busy with work, or have had changes in our lives, that have perhaps taken more precedence over organising events for others. I hope to say that shall change! If you are interested in how you can help us out, please get in touch. Our email is the same as the website URL with in the place of, or leave a comment.

  Help is particularly needed in getting another sports day organised for the 15th of June, but any ideas and feedback in the meantime is gratefully appreciated. And please remember this initiative in your prayers. Many thanks.

Lastly this Thursday (2nd June) is the First Class Feast (and former day of Holy Obligation) of Ascension. Mass is at 7:20pm and is followed by an hour of Adoration, this is a fantastic opportunity, not to be missed. Hope to see you all there!

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