Sunday, 3 April 2011

Reading Catholic Social - Bowling report

Reading Catholics certainly know how to make a special evening!

The afternoon started with some fear and trepidation as a car which was supposed to have the three guys turned up at my house with only the driver. I'm glad to say that the seven ladies really showed us guys up!

We gathered for bowling at 4pm, with teams of five on each side. With laughter, embarrassment, seriousness and carefreeness it was a truly great evening. The no-ZXCVBNM's Team beat the no-N's Team in the first round, but the no-N's contested the result, and with Toy's performance in the second round I would say it was fair to crown them the winners. And if you were wondering about the team names, they were the letters that didn't work on the consoles! - makes for inventive bowler names!

We organised to go for a meal at Nando's afterwards, and met up with another member there, swelling our numbers to a record-breaking eleven. Let's hope and pray the trend continues! The meal was fantastic, the dialogues even better and the company, nothing less than the best!

A ladies night has been arranged and is now fully booked, but the next official event will be in a fortnight's time. If the weather is good, we shall be going to the park for a barbecue and rounders. If the weather is not on our side we shall have a film night. Feel free to organise events in the meantime, just drop us an email with your ideas


  1. It was a really good evening.. Although I did notice that nobody gave me any tips on getting a strike until over halfway through the second game.. Cheers guys! :)

  2. Please may I draw your attention to Juventutem Bristol:

    Thanks, and God bless the Reading group!