Sunday, 13 March 2011

New Juventutem events for Catholic youth

Our next official event will be a film night in Sonning (if interested in attending please email us for details) at 6pm Sunday 13th March. We will be watching the new film by the FSSP called "Des hommes à part".

 The next will be based upon feedback of positive "reservations".
 Saturday March 19th, at St John Fisher house at 6pm we shall gather for a cooked dinner followed by fellowship (and perhaps some board games). Please notify in advance regarding allergies. Friends are welcome. RSVP.

  We hope very much to "sponsor" our own Solemn High Mass at some point in the future like the other Juventutem groups have done in London and Oxford, please remember the intention in your prayers.

  Please keep the feedback of new ideas so that we can plan events well in advance, even if you cannot attend please help us to provide something for those who can.

  And remember, the best and most useful thing one can do for Juventutem Reading is to pray for it. Please remember this initiative in your prayers.

  Bookmark our blog, so you can keep up with events!


8th of April at 6:30pm, at Corpus Christi Church, Maiden Lane, London, the London Juventutem meet for Solemn High Mass followed by social (see Juventutem London for details).

LMS Pilgrimage to York click for details.

June 11th - June 13th Pilgrimage to Chartres, Juventutem UK will be attending and it would be wonderful to have some representatives from Reading (email for details)

26th-28th August LMS walking pilgrimage to Walsingham

9th-11th September Young Catholic Adults (Juventutem UK) retreat at Douay abbey, see Young Catholic Adults website for details.

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