Monday, 7 March 2011

Inaugural meeting of Catholic Youth in Reading: Juventutem goes to the movies.

The first meeting of Juventutem Reading started with a visit to The Rite, a movie starring Anthony Hopkins.

I suppose one could say that the Famous Five turned up (we were five and we were the first) to watch this film about a young man who, attempting to escape the drudgery of life at home, enters seminary.

His absence of faith however leads him to the point of abandoning his studies, but a twist of circumstances sees him flown to Rome where he meets Father Lucas, an Exorcist.

The story was a powerful and accurate, if not a little Hollywood-ised, presentation of some of the Truths of our Faith. We all went away, fine picking at the film, but satisfied, for all in all, it was a great evening spent together with new-found friends.

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