Sunday, 20 March 2011

Catholic Social at St. John Fisher House, Reading

The wonderful feast of Saint Joseph was rounded off with a hearty meal at Saint John Fisher house. Eventually we were 9 at table, a great evening with a great group.

For the meal, we had melon for starters, then Thai green curry for main course, and Greek yoghurt, honey and banana for desert.

We then had a guided tour of St John Fisher house, followed by a short prayer of Thanksgiving in the chapel with the Priests. They duely disappeared and we filled the evening with laughter playing Mafia and chatting.

Thank you for all those who made the evening so special, and for those who missed out, we hope you can join us next time for some bowling!

Please pray for Juventutem and for those who find it difficult to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of attending (be it personal fears, vanity or external circumstances), that they may have the inspiration and assistance from God in overcoming them. Until then, God bless!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Upcoming Events - Catholic youth group meetings

Here's our events schedule for your diaries.

Saturday 19th March - Dinner and Social at St. John Fisher house.
Saturday 26th March - clashes with Lenten retreat at Douai Abbey, so no event planned, please do try to attend the Lenten retreat contact us or the FSSP for details.
Saturday 2th April - Bowling. 4pm at Reading Bowl. RG31 7SD. Transport can be arranged.
Saturday 9th April - Talk by Father de Malleray.

I would like to encourage any Catholic youth to get in touch by email, what we will start doing is circulating an email so that people can post when they are available and it would also be an opportunity to brainstorm more ideas.

For those who are not going to be able to attend the Lenten Retreat (please do try), please get in touch as those who do not go may organise an informal social (to a pub?) or something.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Young Catholic adults Mass and Adoration. Gearing up for the weekend.

This Thursday evening there is a 7pm Mass followed by Adoration at St. William of York. What a great opportunity to give testimony to our Faith. If you can make it, let's try and turn out in force.

If you are not able to make it, please pray for Juventutem Reading (even just one Hail Mary, go on, it hasn't hurt yet!), and if you can, then please remember Juventutem before Our Blessed Eucharistic Lord!

It's a wonderful way to prepare for this weekends meal, on Saturday. Please contact us at our email address (same as the URL just in the place of "") if you are interested in joining us for the meal on Saturday, so far we are expecting 8!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Catholic Social: Film night in Sonning, Reading

A privileged few gathered at 6pm in Sonning last night, after the dialogues and a late arrival, we eventually sat down to watch the FSSP's new film, Men Apart.

None of us had seen it, we watched open-minded, and were pleasantly impressed. A film of the genre and calibre of modern documentary films like Earth. Men Apart, was certainly a film apart, well worth the watch.

We rounded the evening talking and laughing about life as it confronts us, going away happily satisfied that Juventutem Reading is alive, vibrant and growing, good friends and good times.

Our next event will be a cooked meal at St. John Fisher House, please RSVP in advance.
If anyone would like to borrow the film, or organise another film night please contact us by our e-mail address.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

New Juventutem events for Catholic youth

Our next official event will be a film night in Sonning (if interested in attending please email us for details) at 6pm Sunday 13th March. We will be watching the new film by the FSSP called "Des hommes à part".

 The next will be based upon feedback of positive "reservations".
 Saturday March 19th, at St John Fisher house at 6pm we shall gather for a cooked dinner followed by fellowship (and perhaps some board games). Please notify in advance regarding allergies. Friends are welcome. RSVP.

  We hope very much to "sponsor" our own Solemn High Mass at some point in the future like the other Juventutem groups have done in London and Oxford, please remember the intention in your prayers.

  Please keep the feedback of new ideas so that we can plan events well in advance, even if you cannot attend please help us to provide something for those who can.

  And remember, the best and most useful thing one can do for Juventutem Reading is to pray for it. Please remember this initiative in your prayers.

  Bookmark our blog, so you can keep up with events!


8th of April at 6:30pm, at Corpus Christi Church, Maiden Lane, London, the London Juventutem meet for Solemn High Mass followed by social (see Juventutem London for details).

LMS Pilgrimage to York click for details.

June 11th - June 13th Pilgrimage to Chartres, Juventutem UK will be attending and it would be wonderful to have some representatives from Reading (email for details)

26th-28th August LMS walking pilgrimage to Walsingham

9th-11th September Young Catholic Adults (Juventutem UK) retreat at Douay abbey, see Young Catholic Adults website for details.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Inaugural meeting of Catholic Youth in Reading: Juventutem goes to the movies.

The first meeting of Juventutem Reading started with a visit to The Rite, a movie starring Anthony Hopkins.

I suppose one could say that the Famous Five turned up (we were five and we were the first) to watch this film about a young man who, attempting to escape the drudgery of life at home, enters seminary.

His absence of faith however leads him to the point of abandoning his studies, but a twist of circumstances sees him flown to Rome where he meets Father Lucas, an Exorcist.

The story was a powerful and accurate, if not a little Hollywood-ised, presentation of some of the Truths of our Faith. We all went away, fine picking at the film, but satisfied, for all in all, it was a great evening spent together with new-found friends.